I know of two world-class sculpture gardens on the East Coast. One is Storm King, near West Point, NY. Its collection runs to huge outdoor pieces, dozens of feet high. Most are fairly abstract. I've read it described as the best undiscovered secret in the state, and I agree. I was last there in 2005, renewing an acquaintance I began in 1973.

The other is Brookgreen Gardens, south of Myrtle Beach, SC. Originally the preserve of Anna Hyatt Huntington, herself a world-class sculptress, this collection runs from table-top to life-size and is strongly representational. We had the pleasure of visiting Brookgreen again in October.

The pumpkins are not sculptures! The Gardens were getting ready for a festival.

Children pledge allegiance.

Sancho Panza acquires a guest.

This guy is carrying a torch for you!

Young ladies find uncomfortable perches.

If this face doesn't say "Joy!" then nothing will!

October might seem to be a poor month to find floral color, but not at Brookgreen. Even the butterflies stick around late in the season.

For whatever reason, I have a long-standing interest in shooting interesting textures. Here, even the live oaks get into the act at Brookgreen Gardens.

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