The Census Guy

By now, you should have had a visit from The Census Guy.

What?? Isn't the decennial census next year??

Well, yeah. But the Census Bureau is running a big effort this year to update addresses and find all the new homes constructed since 2000. Not to mention: tents, boats, and railroad cars, if people are living in them.

Yours truly was a Census Guy. For six weeks I walked the streets, ringing doorbells and verifying addresses. The effort (at least in my area) is now complete and my pith helmet is retired.

Total addresses verified: 5,015.
Total locations mapped: about 1,800.

Getting Serious About the Move

It's been our intent to finally move "back home" once the kids were both off in college. Following Christmas, we started making good on that promise.

There's a real sense of inevitability once your belongings start disappearing into boxes. Finally, it's not just a plan - it's a project!

But once you've assessed your house and resolved to change the things that have annoyed you all along - like ugly wallpaper installed by the last owners - you start to wonder: "Exactly WHY are we moving?"

Because that's the plan, of course!

Well, the five-page checklist has shrunk to just a few items. And soon we'll open the nicely refurbished front door to...?

All the people out of work and foreclosed on?