A Long Time Coming

Archive.org, which houses LibriVox files for downloads, keeps track of that activity for us. It's been habit for me occasionally to query for all of my solos (currently, 67 books - there are others that appear if you search, but they're single-file works, which I don't count.) That's a fair amount of work to sleuth out and tot up!

In February I counted up, figured out the download rate for each book, year-to-date, and did a projection: if things held steady, then on or by August 15 (today) I should hit a cumulative total of ten million downloads!  That's a big milestone!

Coincidentally, I just happened to think about checking today - I hadn't marked it on a calendar or anything, but if I'm going to devote the work to checking numbers, I usually pick mid-month.

I am delighted by the total! It stands at 10,277,638! Apparently I passed the marker about a month ago. My first solo published in March, 2006, so this represents about nine years of narration.

I thank LibriVox users again for investing so much time in listening to my voice. Special thanks to those who have dropped me notes on "Thank-a-Narrator" at the LibriVox site. My friend Carolin (who gets around but is currently living in The Netherlands), who is a LibriVox administrator, makes sure I see every one. And as I've noted before, it's listener feedback that keeps us narrators at our mics!