A Long Time Coming

Archive.org, which houses LibriVox files for downloads, keeps track of that activity for us. It's been habit for me occasionally to query for all of my solos (currently, 67 books - there are others that appear if you search, but they're single-file works, which I don't count.) That's a fair amount of work to sleuth out and tot up!

In February I counted up, figured out the download rate for each book, year-to-date, and did a projection: if things held steady, then on or by August 15 (today) I should hit a cumulative total of ten million downloads!  That's a big milestone!

Coincidentally, I just happened to think about checking today - I hadn't marked it on a calendar or anything, but if I'm going to devote the work to checking numbers, I usually pick mid-month.

I am delighted by the total! It stands at 10,277,638! Apparently I passed the marker about a month ago. My first solo published in March, 2006, so this represents about nine years of narration.

I thank LibriVox users again for investing so much time in listening to my voice. Special thanks to those who have dropped me notes on "Thank-a-Narrator" at the LibriVox site. My friend Carolin (who gets around but is currently living in The Netherlands), who is a LibriVox administrator, makes sure I see every one. And as I've noted before, it's listener feedback that keeps us narrators at our mics!


  1. I realize it is only a very short story, but it would mean so much to so many children, and adults as well if you would narrate this story written and published by a New York newspaper on September 21, 1897.

  2. Sandra Agostinelli10/03/2015

    Mark thank you so much for sharing your voice and talent with me. Your voice transports me to the very depth of each story. I always experience a sense of loss when the stories end. I liken the feeling to having to say goodbye to a dear friend whom you are not sure you will see again. I am glad I found this Web site so I can keep track of your work. God bless you.

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  4. Joe, my first reply asked for a title or link, so I would know what you were referring to. But then I googled the date plus "New York" and got hits for "Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!"

    Well, I actually did record that, in 2006! Here's the link: https://librivox.org/yes-virginia-there-is-a-santa-claus-by-francis-pharcellus-church/

    Sandra, thank YOU very much for the uplifting comment!

  5. Anonymous10/28/2015

    I've been listening to your version of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. It is the most well narrated audiobook I've ever listened too. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this. When I googled your name to find out where simpsonville carolina was and I found you have done so many others I was really glad.

    I'm not great at reading these slower books written in old English and so to find all of your audiobooks on libreVox was exciting.

    Cheers J from Australia.

  6. I had no idea your voice had been heard by so many people. Congratulation. Your voice is one that enliven so many stories for me. I regularly find myself appreciating the way you never seem to tire. Ah, the wonders of technology that can conjoin one recording session after another. Just listened to The Young Railroaders over the past few days and was recognising how foreign the self-sufficiency of the tale must be for today's youth. Never mind the ease of Morse code. What a slice of life from days long past. Thank you for being the voice inside my head. (Or coming thru the ear buds, anyhow.) Time to go visit the Advanced Search tool again to find another tale as read by Mark Smith ofSimpsonville, South Carolina. (If my audio memory serves.)

  7. Gretchen, I'll save you some trouble. You can always find all projects to which I've contributed here, though you'll have to check yourself whether they are solo books or collaborative ones: https://librivox.org/reader/204

  8. Anonymous1/09/2016

    First found your work listening to The Swiss Family Robinson. I've loved listening to several other of your works sense. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent, time, and voice with us. It means a great deal!

  9. I have just finished listening to a couple of your books (The Blockade Runners and Lone Star Ranger). I especially enjoyed the introduction to the last chapter of the Lone Star Ranger - I played it in comparison for my family. I am on the road a lot during the week, so spend lots of time listening to books. I now seek yours out on Libiravox because you are a pleasure to listen to.

    From a fellow South Carolinian,

    Jim Curley

  10. Anonymous4/04/2017

    I am listening to "Treasure Island" while I'm downloading a few other readings of yours. You are giving with your talent. Thank you.

    From another fellow South Carolinian

    Russ Gunnard

  11. Anonymous7/19/2017

    Hi, Mark

    I have listened to several of your books.

    Thanks a lot for your effort.
    You are helping a lot of people.

    Sometimes, you speak a bit faster for
    a foreigner, but thanks a lot. Your
    accent is amazing: You are one of
    the very best I have ever listened to.

    Greetings from Spain