Minor Miracle

This year there was a lot of activity among my Facebook friends on Veterans' Day, to remember fathers', sons', and even their own days in uniform for their country. That put me in mind of the uniform I hung in my closet in 1988 when I mustered out of the US Army Reserve, and I wondered: Why do I still have it? I probably can't even fit into it.

Well, I'm proud to report that, with a little "sucking it in," I can indeed still don my uniform! (I also can do my age in push-ups, which means I can beat my best boot camp performance by five!) So I felt compelled to brag here, because I don't know at what age I'll go to seed and lose what fitness I've retained.

That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

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Michelle Thomas said...

thanks for your service Mark. you're looking good here. also want to thank you for your readings, I have disabilities and get many light sensitive migraines and can listen to you read all day (or night on occasion).