Dabbling With Digital Effects

Last year, I finally caved to the idea that it's a PhotoShop world, stopped using Corel Paint Shop Pro, and picked up PhotoShop Elements. Now I don't have to translate "how-to's" from PS commands to PSP's.

Then I subscribed to Adobe PhotoShop Elements Techniques. It's a bimonthly magazine that describes and leads you through interesting projects, specifically in the PSE world, rather than its big brother's.

Recently I was introduced to OnOne's programs for extending and simplifying PS, and I invested in their PhotoSuite 6.1.  I have to say - I like it!  As a completely amateur photographer and digital noodler, I don't work with these tools every day, and I appreciate things that are simple enough to remember how to use between sessions. So I'll give OnOne some props: go check them out at https://www.ononesoftware.com/  I've watched several of their videos and attended four Webinars which add to my appreciation of what can be done and how to do it.

I'm also testing Photomatix, a tone-mapper that enables me to produce HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures from a series of bracketed exposures. I've admired HDR for years, but my prosumer Canon camera doesn't support it, so being able to gin it up on the computer is a workaround.

So, herewith a few Before-and-Afters: (click on them for larger versions)

 Nandina Bush

Gargoyles at Biltmore House

Bridge Over the Reedy River

Barnegat Light

Entry Tunnel, Watkins Glen

Revolutionary War Encampment

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