Ensculptic House Sold!

I was just reviewing some of my previous posts, and I suddenly wondered if the Ensculptic House (look down just three posts) ever sold. It did!  And just the month after I posted about it: 

Now, how likely is it that some couple in Virginia read about it here, and were so entranced by the house they bought it sight unseen?  - Such a couple DID buy the house, and I only wonder if this blog was responsible!

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  1. Hi,
    It was my folks that bought that house. They've been working on it ever since taking possession. I was there in August - just in time for the MN State Fair, yay! - and to bump my head on the ceiling many times, and to marvel at how virtually none of the floors are level.

    Intriguing house, yes. And it makes me wonder exactly why they bought it. Mum's enthusiasm for it has cooled a bit, but Dad has been putting in many many miles and hours getting it back up to presentable, livable status.

    I don't know whether your blog has anything to do with their knowing about the house. We're originally from MN; they may have known about the house firsthand. Mum's always been something of an architecture enthusiast, so something as offbeat as that being almost in her old backyard might have always been on her radar.