Curses! Foiled Again!

News today is that Google decided to make Kansas City the site of its next-generation superfast Internet demonstration project.

Sure, there was a lot of competition for the honor. Lovely Greenville, SC, threw its hat in the ring (see "Hi Google!" in my March, 2010, post). It would have been perfect! With Greenville County being the densest (population-wise! No smirks!) concentration of engineers in the nation, we have the need and the want.  And as Greenville is on so many Top 10 lists of Places to Live, Places to Retire To, etc., there would be some extra cachet for Google if they built here first.

So where did their decision come from?? Was it a consolation prize for VCU kicking Kansas' butt in the Elite Eight?  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???!!

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