Misty Photos

Add strong sun to fog and a marina, and you can get some striking pictures.
I took these at Southall Landing in Hampton, VA.


  1. These are some beautiful photos.

    I just finished your reading of The Mysterious Island and I nearly cried. It was a great story and really great reading. I simply wanted say THANK YOU - for you I had many enthralling hours of joining the adventure of the colonists!

    I will be looking for your name when I pick my next audiobook from librivox. I hope that your good work will continue in providing joy of literature to so many people like me. I am looking forward to volunteering myself for librivox in near future. Again, thank you.

  2. I just finished your reading of E.E."Doc" Smith's "Triplanetary". I have listened to many audio books over many years and believe that your reading is equal to any I have heard. Congratulations and thank you for your effort.

    I was a primary school teacher for 24 years and have fond memories of reading daily to my pupils.

    I now teach a digital photography course for the U3A (University of the Third Age) in Newcastle Australia.

    You can find my links and info site with my photography links at http://jimbell.id.au thanks again for your effort.

    ....Sorry , I had to delete my first comment .. I found errors in it ... :-)

    Cheers Jim Bell