Close Call

Driving carefully, being alert, not using a cell phone while driving - these are good things, but they only carry you so far. Sometimes the problem is with the other guy (or gal).
Today Brenda & I were beginning our daily walk; we were still on our own block. A teen neighbor backed her car out of the driveway across the street and hit me from behind. I hit the concrete of a driveway, did (I think) two rolls and a near-headstand, and ended up face-down and full-length on the pavement.
I finally found some use for the tumbling classes I took in high school gym all those years ago. At least part of my tumble was under control. And I got up unhurt and able to do our four-mile walk.
It was a close call. And I'm glad it was I who was hit and not Brenda. But the incident points up our vulnerability on the road. Watch out, folks. And pay attention when you drive. Please.

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